How does Dental Whitening work?

Whitening, commonly known as bleaching, works by removing stains from the teeth, making the smile several shades brighter than before. The procedure can either be performed by professionals at dental clinics, or at home with the help of DIY whitening kits. The results vary from patient to patient, depending upon the nature and extent of the discoloration/staining. Teeth can gradually become pale or discolored through excessive smoking, poor oral hygiene, over-consumption of staining food or beverages. For instance coffee, tea and certain berries, and exposure to drugs such as tetracycline during dental development phases.

How is Whitening performed by Herriman Dentists?

Dentists at Herriman Family Dental perform all whitening procedures in a sterile environment guaranteeing outstanding results. We use only the finest, most trusted products to give you the smile makeover you deserve. A lip re tractor is used to keep the facial teeth exposed and contaminant-free for the procedure. A whitening gel is then applied to the anterior surfaces of the crowns. A specialized light, or laser is then shone on to this gel to activate the bleaching agent which breaks down every stain. This procedure is repeated three times, for a duration of 15 minutes each, to achieve the desired results. The teeth appear visibly whiter and brighter towards the end of the treatment, devoid of staining and paleness.

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