What are orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with the correction of dental mal-alignments, jaw relations and improper bite. This field uses a number of different appliances, the most common of which are braces, to relieve mal-occlusions, and to promote normal jaw growth.

How can braces straighten teeth?

Conventional orthodontic treatments work through three main components – metallic brackets, wires and molar bands. Brackets are fixed on to the facial surfaces of the crowns. A wire is passed through these brackets that is connected to bands fixed on to the molars. These components, along with other appliances, exert forces on to the teeth and their roots, thus gradually moving them into the desired positions. Braces can help relieve:

– Over-crowding

– Spacing, or diastemas

– Over bite, or deep bite

– Open bite and scissor bite

– Lip incompetence

– Excessive protrusion or intrusion of teeth

– Prognathic and retrognathic jaws

– Retained teeth

– Mal-alignment

– Midline shifts

Modern dentistry has introduced new techniques and appliances in orthodontics, making the treatment more comfortable for patients. For instance, ceramic braces are more aesthetically appealing as compared to conventional metallic braces. For those who are more conscious about their smile, lingual braces can help as they are placed on the lingual or palatal surfaces of the teeth, instead of facial surfaces. Finally, Invisalign is an appliance that completely eliminates the use of conventional orthodontic components and comprises simply of a transparent tray, custom-fabricated for each patient, which can help relieve minor issues in alignment and occlusion.

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