What are digital radiographs?

Digital radiographs have replaced conventional film radiographs in dentistry today. They play an important role in making a definitive diagnosis and treatment plan for patients at clinics and dental hospitals. With the help of X-rays, dental surgeons can detect a number of conditions that may be present beneath the gum or within the bone, thus invisible to the naked eye. These include:

– Infections

– Tumors

– Impactions and malocclusions

– Bone defects

– Developmental abnormalities of the jaw

– Vertical fractures

– Cysts and abscesses

– Implant integration and bone porosity

How are digital radiographs better than conventional film radiographs?

Unlike film radiographs, the digital versions can easily be saved and archived on computers. Film X-rays are prone to damage and can easily be misplaced, in which cases the x-rays have to be taken again. They also do not match the precision and clarity of digital X-rays because the results of the former are highly dependent upon the technician, and the quality of the film. Conventional X-rays have therefore been known to be inconvenient, costly and inaccurate. Digital radiographs on the other hand are portable, easy to use, easy to view, efficient and highly accurate.

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