What are dental veneers?

Veneers are fine shells fabricated using porcelain. When cemented on to the facial surfaces of the teeth, these veneers, commonly known as laminates, can conceal a number of dental imperfections such as permanent discoloration, chipped margins, cracks, size and shape discrepancies, diastemas (gaps between teeth), and unsightly fillings. By superficially covering such flaws, veneers can give patients a complete smile makeover.

How are dental veneers fabricated? Is the procedure painful?

Veneers are basically thin porcelain laminates that are cemented on to the anterior surfaces of teeth. For this purpose, the teeth must first be trimmed down slightly to allow for better adhesion. Once the ideal reduction has been achieved, an impression is taken based on which a dentist creates veneers which can also be several shades lighter than the patient’s natural teeth, if required. These laminates are then, with the help of a strong luting agent, cemented on to the teeth, transforming the smile entirely. With the help of technologies such as Computer Aided Design and Manufacture (CAD/CAM) and CEREC, veneers and other aesthetic restorations can now be fabricated in a single sitting, eliminating the need of laboratories and technicians. The procedure is generally painless as it involves only the superficial layers of the teeth; however, local anesthesia may be administered to relieve sensitivity.

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