What are inlays and how do they work?

Inlays are indirect restorations prepared in the dental laboratory to repair teeth damaged by caries. Unlike conventional fillings, inlays are prepared outside the oral cavity and then cemented on to the affected portion of the tooth with the help of luting agents. Because they are prepared exactly according to the margins of the damaged tooth, inlay restorations are highly accurate, replicate the dental anatomy and contours, and are made to look and feel completely natural.

What does the procedure involve?

During an inlay restoration procedure, the caries is first removed with the help of a high speed bur fitted on a mechanical hand-piece. Once the damaged portion has been removed completely, an impression is taken to record fine details of the newly prepared cavity. This impression is then used to fabricate a composite restoration with computer aided design and manufacture in advanced practices. When ready, this inlay is carefully placed into the cavity and set with the help of dental cements. For superficial cavities, the procedure is generally painless.

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