What are dental fillings?

In dentistry, fillings refer to the restorative materials used to repair damaged teeth. There are a number of ways in which teeth can sustain damage, for instance cavities, wear (abrasion, erosion and attrition), trauma and fractures. Apart from fixing damaged teeth, fillings can also be used in cases of aesthetically compromised teeth.

What are the different types of dental fillings?

The restorative material of choice for leading dental practitioners around the globe today is Composite, also known as the tooth colored filling. However, in some parts of the world, amalgam – also known as silver filling – is also being used because of its remarkable strength and low cost.

Composites, with their unmatched versatility, structural integrity, high aesthetic value, easy manipulation and handling, and convenient availability are now the most in-demand materials in both, restorative as well as cosmetic dentistry. Call us today for a free consultation

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