How can dental bridges help in replacing missing teeth? 

Dental bridges are effective and affordable means of tooth replacement in the oral cavity. They can either replace a single missing tooth, or multiple teeth in the upper or lower arches non-invasively. Unlike dental implants, the procedure is non-surgical and only replaces the crown portion of the teeth. the bridge can be made to resemble natural teeth in the oral cavity, thus guaranteeing complete functional and aesthetic restoration.

How is a bridge placed into the oral cavity?

A bridge generally uses a healthy, sound tooth on either side of the socket as support. For the bridge to be seated perfectly without chances of displacement or dislodgement, the supporting teeth must be trimmed down slightly using a mechanical hand piece fitted with a bur. Once the ideal height and marginal reduction is achieved, an impression is taken to record fine details of the socket, as well as the supporting teeth. With the help of this impression, a prosthesis is fabricated in the dental laboratory matching the shade of the natural teeth. Following a trial of this newly-fabricated bridge, it is cemented on to the supporting teeth with the help of luting agents.

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